How You Can Increase Breast Milk Supply

Breastfeeding is a beautiful bonding experience for new mothers but for some mothers it is a chore because they notice that they are not supplying enough milk to their babies. If this is your situation you do not have to despair because there are methods of increasing your breast milk supply that are safe and effective. One thing you can do is breast feed at least five to eight times a day with the limited milk supply you have until you are able to increase your milk supply. You can also use both of your breasts during the feeding so that the baby will have adequate amounts of breast milk during the day. Some naturopathic doctors recommend fenugreek tablets for increasing breast milk supply.

Drink More Fluids

If you are short on breast milk supply, you should drink more water and natural fruit juices with very little sugar because fluids are important in helping you give out more breast milk during feedings. If your current urine is too dark, then your water intake is too low.

statuette of a glazing bead representing a wom...

statuette of a glazing bead representing a woman who press her breast to collect milk in a bowl (a satire nourice). – Stalls of the Basilica of Saint Materne (XVIth century) – Walcourt (Belgium). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eat Healthier Foods

Another method of increasing your breast milk supply is by eating the right foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains. You should also eat lean proteins and good fats such as olive oil. As you increase your intake of these foods you will see better supply of breast milk. Also take calcium supplements as this could assist with building breast milk supply.

Reduce Stress in Your Life

If you are stressed out over work or marital issues, this negatively affects the amount of breast milk you produce. Utlilize stress management methods such as getting help from your counselor or pastor, talking calmly with your spouse to work out minor issues, getting a massage, reading a good book alone in a park or doing some housework with the radio on.

Improper Positioning of Baby for Breastfeeding A Cause

One common cause of low breast milk supply is the way you hold the baby to your breast during the feeding and this makes for an uncomfortable experience for the mother. Talk with your doctor about suggestions on positioning the baby in order for him to get the most milk from your breast. You can also ask other breastfeeding mothers for advice on latching the baby to your breast correctly.


If you have tried all of these methods and you are still not producing enough breast milk, you should meet with the doctor to discuss other options or you may need to switch to milk formula after a certain period of time without breast milk production. You should not feel embarrassed because of a lack of breast milk production because it happens to many new mothers. In addition, there are now organic baby formula products you can give your baby. Be sure to read the ingredients on the labels to ensure that no harmful ingredients are in the formula.


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